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WZIS? Unashamedly different dog treats.What do you say when you give your dog a treat?



The name of treats your dog already knows. Say it, and they will come.Plant-based, 100% natural and unashamedly different dog treats; colourful, W-shaped and available in dog-favourite flavours; Lamp Post & Chips, Postman & Roast, Slipper & Biscuit.We say no to dull, brown, bone-shaped treats – dogs deserve better than the generic, unimaginative stuff peddled to them by the beige, bored executives of the pet food corporates.Do you agree? Visit us at DogFest to join our brown bone amnesty. Its time to Bin The Bone.Toss a boring bone into our amnesty bin, and well give you a free Dubya in return. And all proceeds will be donated to homeless dog charities.Lets throw some shapes infused with colour, flavour and healthy ingredients!

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