Wisdom Panel

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When it comes to the health and happiness of your pet, there’s always more to know. Wisdom Panel™ is the world leading pet DNA service that uses a quick and easy cheek swab to uncover the important insights about your pet’s genetic health, breed makeup, traits, and more – so you can truly understand (and care for) them as the individual they are.

With 20+ years of research and genotyping, and having tested more dogs than any other dog DNA service, Wisdom Panel™ are the experts that 3+ million pet parents have already trusted to help make decisions about the health and wellness of their four-legged family members. It’s simple – just order your kit, swab the inside of your pet’s mouth, and send it back (free shipping within UK) to get your results through the Wisdom Panel website.

And by testing your pet’s DNA with Wisdom Panel™, you’re contributing to the largest veterinary genetic research study (ever), with each test carrying us closer to the next scientific breakthrough in pet health. In other words, your results not only help you take better care of your dog or cat but also empower us to improve the lives of pets everywhere for generations to come.

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