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Your pet’s health in the palm of your hand, with the Whistle Health™ smart device and app.

Whistle Health™ uses industry-leading AI to translate your pet’s behaviour into in-depth health insights. Monitor licking, scratching, eating, drinking, sleeping, and activity. So you can know when they’re doing well and see when abnormalities arise, helping you catch potential health issues sooner.

Scratching: one of the strongest indicators of skin infections or allergies.

Licking: can indicate joint pain, skin irritations, high stress levels, and more.

Drinking?habits: changes may be linked to diet or activity, or could point to health issues like diabetes or a urinary tract infection.

Eating?habits: changes may be linked to oral health issues, metabolic disorders, a new exercise routine, and more.

Sleeping: disrupted sleep may indicate an underlying health issue. Fitness?& activity: see if they’re getting enough exercise based on their breed, weight, and age.

Whistle’s groundbreaking AI is powered by our award-winning team of vets and data scientists, six years of research, and a health study of over 100K dogs (one of the largest ever conducted).?Every device collects millions of data points from your dog’s behaviour and sends all that data to the Whistle app where it gets translated into easy-to-understand health insights. Our team is constantly researching, innovating, and rolling out new features to help you give your pet the healthiest, happiest life possible.?For dogs of all sizes.

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