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Vanity Fur Magazine is for the out-and-out dog lover.

We set out to enrich the lives of our canine friends by raising awareness, informing, and celebrating. With an ever-growing team of professionals, we feel that we are best placed to offer sound advice and interesting information.

We have created a coffee table magazine, one to be kept and looked at time and time again. Beautiful images go hand in hand with endearing stories and factual articles, and there is no end to wonderful products to enhance the lives of owners and dog.

We have no preference for where our readers are, who they are or what they do. We will just have a common goal, and that is love for our beautiful canine friends.

There are over 12 million dogs in our country, and we are becoming more and more dog friendly. Unfortunately, there are still far too many beautiful dogs in need of rescue both here and abroad. We will do everything we can to raise awareness of their plight and help rehome as many as possible.

You can help too. We are always looking for sponsors, advertisers, writers, contributors and charities. If any of the above apply to you, please contact

Vanity Fur Magazine is available quarterly from WH Smith, nationally, independent newspapers and on our website

Take a look at one of our editions here.

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