Doodle’s Deli

Brand Partner

The Doodle’s Deli treats range is 100% natural and features over 70 lines from over nine different proteins, with many products boasting their own individual benefits for your dog too! From long-lasting boredom busters to assisting in plaque and tartar build-up and promoting healthy joints, plus we have a full range of grain-free sausages, perfect for sensitive tummies. Treats with hair from the Doodle’s Deli range may even help to aid in natural deworming, and lots of our treats are naturally low in fat and high in essential vitamins and minerals that are essential for dogs. Doodle’s Deli natural treats contain no added nasty or preservatives. Whether your dog loves beef, chicken, lamb, fish and even camel, there is something for every dog to dig into and enjoy!

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