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Book You Pet:†Haybale Race Partner

Book Your Pet is excited and proud to be DogFest 2023ís Haybale Race sponsor!†

At Book Your Pet weíre dedicated to sweeping away the complexity and the stress of booking appointments for your pets.†

The idea for our best-in-show app was born when founders Ralph and Anita and their two beloved Yorkies found themselves struggling to secure a much needed dog grooming appointment.†

With their regular groomer unavailable and their fur babies turning into mini woolly mammoths, Ralph and Anita spent the best part of a week Googling, reading reviews, and trying to get hold of people who didnít call back.†

Fed-up and frustrated, Ralph and Anita were left wondering what to do for the best for their dogs – thatís when inspiration hit!

Putting their tech heads together, they came up with Book Your Pet – the pet booking software thatís designed to support both petpreneurs and pet parents by simplifying the booking process and way we communicate with each other.

We feel passionate about giving our dogs the best in life. Thatís why our best-in-show software has been designed to enable you to search and find pet service providers in your local area with ease. Book and pay for your next appointment in a matter of minutes – all from the palm of your hand!

Each Book Your Pet partner business has its own virtual storefront that tells you everything you need to know, from the services they offer to their pricing and availability. If youíre familiar with a business you can even opt to book an appointment with a specific member of staff who you trust most with your precious pet.

Whether youíre looking for a grooming appointment, a regular dog walker, or are in need of a last-minute pet sitter, finding a service to help take care of your pets has never been easier.

Cut out waiting for businesses to get back to you to confirm their availability and take matters into your own hands.

With Book Your Pet youíll never be caught out by unexpected unavailability again.

Want to find out more about Book Your Pet? Come join us at DogFestís Hay Bale race, where weíll be giving you and your pets the chance to win some incredible prizes!

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